How to Hire an Email Marketing Expert: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s world, email marketing is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. It’s a great way to stay in touch with customers, introduce new products, and grow your business. So what’s next? You might think I will start emailing everyone, Lol!!!

Yes, email marketing is also a tough job. It’s not just like an easy game, where you can “Play and win” easily. You will still have to have an email marketing expert who will analyze the potential audiences, their needs, and the right email campaigns for every set of audiences so that the email-open rate would be optimal. And he also must be handy in technicality so that email could not land in spam and don’t bounce at all.

So I am going to share a step-by-step guide that will help you find an expert in email marketing.

Step 1: Understand your exact needs before hiring an email marketing expert.

Email marketing expertise varies from industry to industry. Someone who is working as an email marketing expert in Automobile Industries would not be the right candidate for Digital Marketing Agency and vice versa. And another thing which is the most important thing is education.

An email marketer with a Bachelor’s degree in English would not be the right candidate for a Software company because he cannot write an effective email for the software clients. He will not be in a situation to answer the clients if some technical questions arise. So here, someone who is a graduate in Software Engineering and has experience in email marketing would be the right candidate for this job.

Step 2: Check his social and professional profile carefully.

While hiring a candidate for a job, people first see his Linkedin profile and trust him, but as per my own experience while lead generation for my own business, I found that there are so many fake profiles on Linkedin. So I can say Linkedin is a manipulated professional network. The same thing also happens with Facebook. So it’s tough to find the best candidates, believing on these professional and social platforms. So here are some simple tips for finding manipulated Linkedin profiles.

If he is writing too much about himself –

If he is swamped in his work and his career is going well, why will he emphasize too much on Linkedin? Generally, busy and successful people don’t find time to spend on this platform.

He glorifies his work on Linkedin –

Please note that “Professionals never share their secrets.” If someone shares publicly that he has done this work using this strategy. It might look fancy but manipulated and fake. Why will he share his secrets with others in such a cutthroat competition?

Check his current and previous working organizations-

Check his current and previous company profile and ensure that it is original, created by that organization, not a duplicate profile created by someone else.

Step 3: Check his educational certification and work experience

Marketing is a gray area, and marketers use every tics and tactic to achieve their objectives. And when it is a matter of career, they will use the best strategy to outperform the other candidates. So what next? It would be best to verify their educational qualification personally, what they are claiming to have achieved.

Also, check his work experience thoroughly. Make an interview questionnaire and give it to him to fill it up. Ask to complete some practical tasks related to his work experience. The most important thing is to check his working experience in email marketing tools, which he has used in his previous job because, in the era of AI and Machine learning, successful email marketing is impossible without tools.

Step 4: Use the best Hiring platform for hiring

When we talk about the best hiring platform, Linkedin comes to mind, right? But it’s not the truth. Nowadays, Linkedin is nothing but a fashion like Facebook where every professional wants to make his profile and me too. The best hiring platform varies from country to country. In India, the best hiring platform is In the USA, Glassdoor and in Australia. So you should use the best hiring platform in your country so that you could find the best talent there waiting for hiring or job changes.

Step 5: Compulsory probation period

A compulsory probation period is the best post-hiring strategy. It gives you time to judge the candidate on the actual practice. If he handles the job successfully, then well and good otherwise, you can remove him from the job and hire the new candidate. It also gives a chance to the candidate to understand the new responsibility and challenges that he is going to face in day-to-day work. He finds an opportunity to prepare himself for new roles and responsibilities.


“Barking Dogs seldom bite,” we all are familiar with this proverb. So the same thing applies to humans, too, especially in the job market. The candidate who shows himself outperforming sometimes fails in the real position. You should always prefer the person who tells negativity and positivity both and his limitations as well. Moreover, talented people never show off, so it’s your responsibility to find a hidden gem from the market.

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